Funny dating advice for women

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Funny dating advice for women

We were told by a few other couples about the M&M game.The game consisted of putting an M&M in a jar each time we did the, uh, wild monkey dance together throughout the first year of marriage.Seems like a stupid little game that not many people play, but it put far too much pressure on our marriage in that little department and it caused all kinds of problems that didn’t get worked out until year 8 of our marriage.I was told not to marry the person I love but to learn to love the person I marry.Turns out all we needed in common was the love we shared for each other.Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Casey and I couldn’t be anymore different from each other. Despite all of that, we love the hell out of each other and love spending time with each other.

I was told I needed to learn to say “yes ma’am” to everything Casey wanted.

The crux of the tip was that the wife should win all arguments and get whatever she wants whenever she wants it.

Generally, not having secrets between each other is good advice, but there are things that should stay secret between each other.

Like the time I told Casey her neck was really strong because her head was so big, or the time I told her she didn’t need a second plate of spaghetti.

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Sorry, but I don’t know how a marriage can last unless you at least have some love that existed prior to getting married.