Dating back to the precambrian era

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Dating back to the precambrian era

And the old ladies with 50 cats fall for it everytime. Getting rid of the most boring writer ever, Sally Sucksman is the best move ever to save the show.I LOL at the gay fraus who keep defending Sally's BORING writing. I just tuned in this week for a bit of one episode. His hairline is perfect which is not normal for 90% of men.He explained how he came back from vacation once, with lots of gray on the sides, and after a few episodes, he got a memo to start dying again. Tessa is the golden throat-ed GOTH girl with the heart of GOLD and the current inexplicable love interest of rich boy Noah Newman.

We, as viewers, are so over the "they're not really dead" stupidity.[quote]The arm coming out of the casket was STUPID! For the final order, there would have had to have been a court hearing, where the the reasons for the order would have had to have been specified by the plaintive (regardless of whether the respondent appears or not). Dina's bangs and Traci's return and the Abbott family dinner is not saving Y&R! Meanwhile, out in the Chancellor barn, a half-drunk Kay is lasciviously eyeing the new stable boy. " she asks the young stud, as she takes a long drag on her cigarette. Then turning to Julia, Victor asks, "You turn16 next year, right? Maybe Leslie Brooks can fly in and give her a few pointers? I know she's older now and couldn't be the center of any storyline, but bringing her back could really tie into what's going on right now with her two children. Today, she has 4.163 million, a loss of 450,000 people. Jack and Ashley are in their early 60's and both are alone, so is Traci (no surprise). I'm going to block the " the show" troll - I'm also going to block the troll obsessed with someone named serial scholar - than i'm going to block the "sally sussman sucks and golly gee, look at the ratings tanking" - I would bet money that they are all the same troll.[quote]What happened to the Cane and Lily son? That would begin the buzz this show desperately needs.She can clearly have any child role she wants, something the much older actresses on Y&R could only dream of. Lord recalled why her late son Rod sold his mansion.Reed and Maddy need to come together and be the next couple we all route for. Brock and Thor decided to follow up on Miss Thing's suggestion. IMO, if you're into that kind of shit, you just can't beat the stuff on Uni Vision. Soaps keep lowering themselves with ridiculous scenes. I mean...we’re not talking about The Sopranos here. If anything like that had been done, there would have been court orders issued: first, for the temporary restraining order; then, for the final order (which can last 1, 2, or 3 years). (B&B) is going to call Genoa City and forewarn them that Sheila is alive? I know this will NEVER happen but if they can bring back Sheila (for the nth time) they can bring back Drucilla. Heard Eileen is going back to Days but will still play Ashley. That would begin the buzz this show desperately needs. Even the daughter is a bit of a stretch but they're considered black.[quote]Y&R needs to bite the bullet and have Victoria Rowell pop up unannounced as Dru on a Friday episode as well. Oh and Chole's arm opening that casket was the best thing I've seen on Y&R in a long time. This show wants to be taken seriously and they pull this shit? Did anyone actually believe that Chloe was dead, even though they showed her body in the morgue? In California, the longest period of time one can obtain a civil restraining order for the workplace is three years (which would be over by this point in time). You repeat the same shit on this thread every damn day. Your snark is weak when it's not completely lame, and your "it's boring" posts are so fucking boring it's ridiculous. Y&R needs to bite the bullet and have Victoria Rowell pop up unannounced as Dru on a Friday episode as well. Cane is white and Lily is damned near; no way do they have a son with medium brown skin and nappy hair.

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How can that be when it’s well established that he’s in touch with Lauren Fenmore?