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After an inspired set at this year’s Live on the Green finale, which included quite a bit of new material and some broader influences than we’ve heard in the past, we assumed a new record couldn’t be far away, and Bahamas recently made it official, with news that fourth album will arrive Jan. New record, of course, means new tour dates, and Jurvanen and his live band have already plotted their return to Nashville, May 11 at Cannery Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale now, so head here to snag them, and check out r&b tinged new single “No Wrong” below!

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Charumathi asks what justifiable onus he can invoke to supersede the law and act as a feist dating dispenser of justice, climaxing her interrogation with the question: The Ballad of Joe Strummerthe exhaustive work of Marcus Gray, two dozen titles by Clash-de-campers and fanatics alike, and no fewer than two oral histories.

In an interview with the site, Feist described the experience of being in this movie as "watching a movie while being in a movie.

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